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About Us

Nestled in a valley among the beautiful Joshua Trees of the High Desert, Alpha Connection Youth and Family Services provides residential counseling for adolescents in crisis situations. With a capacity for 28 children, Alpha Connection offers intense, individual attention that fosters an atmosphere of relationships. This interaction with staff, residents and other families provides an arena for change and a chance to gain wisdom, support, and encouragement through difficult times. When situations of divorce, death, abuse, social difficulties, academic struggles, adoption issues and unhealthy coping mechanisms (lying, selfishness, manipulation, entitlement, depression, lack of motivation, disrespect for authority, confusion) are present, Alpha Connection offers an answer when removal from the home is necessary. Founded in 1988, the Alpha Connection program has proven successful in the lives of hundreds of teens and their families.

Alpha Connection Youth & Family Services, henceforth referred to as ACYFS, are six bed non-profit residential treatment programs located in quiet residential neighborhoods in Apple Valley, CA. These small group home facilities are licensed by the state of California and offers new alternatives for youth. The program’s services are designed to provide a secure, structured and supportive environment. The program will assist residents to develop education, vocational and independent living skills that are imperative for successful adult functioning and independent living.

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