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Struggling Teens are the Apple of our Eye.

Alpha Earth Eco Therapy


Children who suffer from severe anxiety and aggression issues.

When Children begin to show signs of an impending panic attack or begins to clench thier fists out of frustration, clinicians know it’s time to go for a walk. Taking a hike is often the only way to relieve the  symptoms.
This is just one example of how interest in the therapeutic benefits of spending time outdoors is starting to gain attention in the medical mainstream. Today, more people are responding to evidence of an important link between nature and positive mental health. Physicians and psychiatrists have begun to prescribe treatments that allow patients to explore what is being called green therapy or eco therapy. These treatments use natural environments as opposed to solely prescribing medication.

A 2009 study conducted by Columbia University researchers found about 10 percent of Americans, or 27 million people, took prescription anti-depressants — nearly double that of only a decade ago. And only 30 percent of those people were also receiving therapy. The high rate of prescribing drugs, paired with the shortage of counseling, has spurred attention to unconventional approaches to treatment.

Scientists now know that natural exercise outdoors restores attention and the brain’s ability to focus, soothes aggression, and eases symptoms of mild depression. Green therapy can also include a variety of other elements, drawing from agriculture, gardening, conservation, exercise and animal care. It offers solutions — or supplemental help — for those who have few options other than antidepressants. Unlike prescription drugs, green approaches are low cost, have no negative side effects, and are as close to outside as the nearest doorway.

What is Quality of Life Therapy & Coaching (QOLTC)?

QOLTC is a new evidence-based approach to Positive Psychology, developed by Michael Frisch, Phd, of Baylor University. Positive Psychology is the science and promotion of happiness. Happiness (satisfaction with the quality of your life) leads to better health, more rewarding relationships, and greater success in school and work.

QOLTC is for people who:
1. are looking for more satisfaction and fulfillment in one or more areas of life
2. have difficulty following through with reslolutions and plans
3. are re-inventing themselves, or building a new life
4. have found that what they are currently doing is not working
5. are very motivated to make changes

EMDR ( is an integrative psychotherapy approach that has been proven effective in the treatment of trauma, as well as many other conditions, including:
Complicated grief and loss
Disturbing memories
Performance anxiety
Stress reduction
Sexual and/or physical abuse
Any trauma that we experience–from big trauma’s to small trauma’s (being teased on the playground as a child)– can be stored in our nervous system and negatively impact our thoughts, feelings, and behaviors. EMDR targets these memories and helps the brain to reprocess them in a more adaptive fashion.

During a session, we will address and focus on a memory and will use BLS (bilateral stimulation) using eye movements, tones through headphones, or handheld tappers. Difficult memories and thoughts are reprocessed, and clients often report a significant decrease in negative symptoms faster than with just “talk therapy” alone.

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