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Struggling Teens are the Apple of our Eye.


The primary goal of ACYFS is to ameliorate chronic or acute psychiatric symptomatology and to prepare each resident with activities of daily living skills for community survival and independent adult living. The ultimate goal is to empower and equip residents to take charge of their lives through informed decision making.

Preparation for adulthood and independent living within society is a life long process that begins at birth. The overall milieu will emphasize the virtues of perseverance, respect, integrity, determination and excellence.

The goals are further delineated as follows:
1. Increase self-esteem
2. Utilize internal controls
3. Increase empathy
4. Reduce stress
5. Education
6. Reduce recidivism
7. Enhance independent living skills
8. Teach problem solving
9. Promote overall self actualization
10. Promote job skills

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