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The Alpha Connection Program is based within the conceptual frame work of a psychosocial treatment model. That is, while each individual resident may need treatment for a specific psychiatric issues, the individuals interaction with the environment is also a major focus of treatment. Simply releasing someone from the “System” after a lengthy period of dependent, closely supervised, highly structured, institutional living does not guarantee successful adaptation to the complexities of community living.

The residents will receive the traditional direct psychiatric services (i.e., individual, group, and family therapy). These services will be provided by licensed professionals representative of the following disciplines: psychiatry, social work, rehabilitation, and psychology. The services will be administered weekly and evaluation is ongoing by the interdisciplinary team.

Victim Awareness

Training to make the youth aware of the impact that their and others criminal behavior have had on victims and explore their victimization by others.

Gang Avoidance

Program designed to promote character building, foster leadership skills and provide options and strategies for avoiding gangs.

Anger Management

Class designed to teach skills to control emotions and to find productive alternatives outlets to anger.

Substance Abuse

Class to improve the student’s knowledge and ability to prevent and discontinue substance abuse.

Family Counseling

Counseling services to strengthen parent and child relationships

Parenting Classes

Class to improve parent-child relations, learn new parenting skills, offer support groups, improve self esteem, cover stress management, improve communication skills, increase knowledge of nutrition.

Life Skills

Class to improve life skills through instruction on basics of film productions through film teams using themes of drug and alcohol abuse, gang violence, peer pressure, teen pregnancy.

Conflict Resolution

Class to cover conflict resolution in Juvenile Justice, implementation of peer mediation program, and provide mediation training.

Employment Preparation Training

Class to improve interviewing skills, time management skills, job seeking skills, job placement, and career planning for students.

Health Education

Class to cover health and overall wellness, infectious diseases, poverty and diseases, infectious disease prevention, diet and nutrition, personal hygiene.


A mentoring program to improve math and language skills of students.

Self-Esteem Building

Leadership Class to enhance self esteem.

Healthy Teen Mother Program

Class to improve learning for Healthy Teen Mothers.

College Awareness

“Going to College Workshop”

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